PLEASE read the following application policies to check that you are eligible and KEEP THESE FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS.

The Trust will not support:

  1. Applications from individuals.
  2. Charities registered outside the UK.
  3. Charities offering sanctuary to animals, with no effort to re-home, foster or rehabilitate unless endangered species.
  4. Charities that do not have a realistic destruction policy for animals that cannot be given a reasonable quality of life.
  5. Charities with cash and/or investments valued at more than one year's expenditure will not qualify for a donation, unless it can be demonstrated that reserves are being held specifically for a project.
  6. Charities that spend more than a reasonable proportion of their annual income on administration or cannot justify their costs per animal helped.
  7. Veterinary Schools, unless the money can be seen to be directly benefiting the type of animals the Trust would want to support e.g. welfare-related or low-cost first opinion vet treatment projects.

The Trust expects all applicants to be charities registered with the Charity Commission unless their annual income is under £5,000.

The Trust favours applications from smaller animal welfare charities registered in the UK and working in the UK or abroad:

The Trust aims to support UK registered charities by making donations toward the following:

Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

Questionnaire for Charities that have not received a donation from us previously



CHARITY NAME:                             




POSITION HELD:                                                                 

ADDRESS (if different from above)                                                                                         

Vet's Name & Address (we may wish to contact):

How did you hear of us?

Charity Commission Reg. No.

Date of Registration:

E-mail address (we will contact you
by email):


Daytime Tel. No.

Vet's Tel. No.

TYPE OF CHARITY: Please tick the categories which best describe the work of your charity


Rescue and re-homing of domestic animals








Assistance with vet fees


Other domestic pets


Education and campaigning


Farm animals


Rescue/rehabilitation of wild animals 






Others (please state which)

Number of horses/equines on loan/fostered_________ 

Does the charity pay for the food/vet/farrier fees for these loaned/fostered equines?  If so please give details:




ANIMALS HANDLED FOR THE YEAR (please give dates from:….………..………………)

Total number of animals taken in for the year..................

Total rehomed and/or released...............

Breakdown of Animals Handled:

  Number taken in         Number rehomed/
Number released back to the wild Number rehomed direct from owner Number euthanased Number neutered by your charity Number in permanent or long term sanctuary Others (such as returned to owner)  


Feral Cats                





*Please give a breakdown of species for wildlife/others on a separate page if necessary.


Please complete the following re. your finances and enclose your most recent accounts.

Date of enclosed accounts: ............................

Total income for the year (on your accounts):

Total expenditure for the year (on your accounts)

Have there been or do you expect any major changes in your income and expenditure since your enclosed accounts?

If YES, please give details:


Approximate CURRENT level of financial assets (e.g. in bank and building society, investments, stocks and shares etc.):

Approximate value of property owned by the charity:









Legacies or other large donations expected, please give brief details:


Are any funds designated to specific projects:

Number of full and part-time paid workers:

BANK DETAILS (if your application is successful we may donate by BACS into your charity’s account)

Bank name and branch:

Charity bank account name:

Account number:

Sort code:

Any payment made to you will have the reference JSAWT


Brief summary of reasons for application to the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust, i.e. capital projects/running expenses, etc.:




Please tick the following statements to show that you are eligible to apply:


Our charity is not a sanctuary – in the main we rehome/release the animals we take in



We are registered with the Charity Commission (or our income is under £5,000)



We produce annual accounts which show an opening/closing balance. We enclose new accounts which have just been signed and confirmed by our independent examiner. Please apply at the time closest to your newest accounts having just been signed and confirmed by your independent examiner. We have three application deadlines each year for our Trustees meetings so it is better to wait rather than be refused on the grounds that the accounts are too old.





With our 10 application forms and 10 sets of accounts we attach an auditors statement or an independent examiners report (ALL applicants must provide one or the other)




We have filled-in ALL sections of the application form (please note we will not accept part-filled-in forms)

We process this data in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is available on our website.

I have read the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust’s policies and enclose 10 application forms and 10 sets of accounts.



Signed………………………….                                   Print name……………………

Please note deadlines for receipt of applications:

15th January (for our spring meeting) 1st May (for our summer meeting) 1st September (for our winter meeting).


Many thanks for your application.